Bill Lancashire

Presenter details:

  • Date:

     February 10, 2015

  • Company:

     Dr. W Lancashire Pty Ltd

  • Position:

     Specialist in Intensive Care

  • Industry:

     Medical Doctor

I was a huge beneficiary of the post war Attlee government policy that gave working class kids like me an opportunity to to go to college and university.
Started post secondary career in the Royal Air Force flight training with the ambition of being a fighter pilot. ( deemed not suitable for multi crewed aircraft!) In conjunction with a B.Ed at Loughborough College in sport and biology on an R.A.F. scholarship.

Now a doctor and Director of Intensive Care and Senior Lecturer at UNSW in Australia. How and why that happened is an interesting story.
Pete and Joanna Lancashire( now at University in France) both Brentwood Students and even how that happened has its own tale!!!
My wife ( a Family Physician) and I will present together as pretty well the two extremes of the spectrum of the practice of Medicine.