• Daniel Behrens

    Daniel has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry and is currently working as a senior project manager for Knappett Projects.  He is the […]

  • Jaime Montani

    Occupation: Engineer, Account Manager   Bio: Jaime graduated from Brentwood in 1996 and went on to McMaster University to study biology. After 3 years in the […]

  • Mateo Ocejo

    Occupation: Environmental Engineer, Waste Management Entrepreneur   Bio: After graduating from Brentwood in 1993, Mateo enrolled in the Civil Engineering Program at Queens University and later spent […]

  • Peter Zell

    Occupation: Machinist, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur   Bio: Peter is an entrepreneur whose path into the Renewable Energy Sector has been far from conventional, but ever so interesting. […]

  • Nigel David

    BIOGRAPHY: While at Brentwood, I enjoyed the well-rounded education it offered. I focused on the arts, sports, biology and some creative science. At university, I found […]

  • Russell Barton

    I have been designing and building apparatus of all sorts since 1974, starting with food processing machinery, through cryogenics apparatus, through fuel cell stacks and systems, […]

    • Date:

       February 13, 2015

    • Company:

       Barton Industries Inc.

    • Position:

       Engineer / Inventor

    • Industry:

       Engineering, Inventor

  • Sean Birch

    BIOGRAPHY I’m a geotechnical engineer with about 13 years of experience in industry in Alberta and BC. After completing a couple degrees at the University of […]

  • Mark Collinson

    BIOGRAPHY I graduated from Brentwood in the class of 2000, when Roger’s house was newly renovated, Brentwood added a third girls house (Gwenneth), and Ellis House […]

  • Andrew Higginson, P.Eng.

    Andrew is a Vancouver Island ‘local’, Whittall House patriot, and keen adventurer who has successfully combined his technical expertise with his passion for the outdoors in […]

    • Date:

       February 22, 2017

    • Company:

       High Performance Climbing Walls

    • Position:

       President & Chief Engineer

    • Industry:

       2017, Engineering

  • Russell Barton

    40 yrs experience in mechanical and electrochemical systems with 33 US, patents and some Canadian and international ones Lead Engineer Mr Barton joined Nano One in […]