• Fiona Chambers

    BIOGRAPHY Fiona is an entrepreneur, academic and adventurer who has embraced a busy but meaningful career on Southern Vancouver Island. She holds an undergraduate degree from […]

  • Chris Redcliffe, CFP

    BIOGRAPHY Chris was born in Vancouver to immigrant parents where he was raised both in a major city as well as a rural town before becoming […]

  • Gregory Stamatis (’70)

    BIOGRAPHY Greg Stamatis is president and co-founder of Ridgeland-based SecureBuy LLC, whose start-up began with the formation of its parent company, SignatureLink, in 2005. With a […]

  • John Keirstead

    Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist and Inventor.   My objective is to develop useful products that have a net positive effect in the lives of those that use […]

  • Greg Abakhan

    Occupation: Commercial Mariner Company: Riverside Marine, BC Ops (V2V Vacations), and Ocean Ecoventures Ltd.   Bio: I’m many things but first a father. I’m also a […]

  • Don Bastian

    Position: Carver, Woodworker Company: The Art of Don Bastian   Bio: Hailing from Southern Alberta, Don spent childhood summers on the West Coast, where he became captivated by […]

  • Renée Chan

    Position: Founder/Director Company: The True Nosh Company   Bio: Renée Y. Chan, MS, MBA, RD(Can), RDN(US), CDN(NY), CYA-RYT200   Renée headed south to The University of California, San […]

  • Barclay Martin

    Occupation: Artist, Gallery Owner, Sales Professional   Bio: I graduated Brentwood in 2005 and left one coast for the other. My parents taught me to work hard, […]

  • Juan S. Navarro

    Occupation: Researcher, Educator, Entrepeneur   Bio: Juan Navarro is a researcher, educator and entrepreneur. As a researcher, his analytic reports have been issued by universities, research centres […]

  • Mateo Ocejo

    Occupation: Environmental Engineer, Waste Management Entrepreneur   Bio: After graduating from Brentwood in 1993, Mateo enrolled in the Civil Engineering Program at Queens University and later spent […]

  • Philipp Postrehovsky

    Occupation:   Bio: Philipp co-founded RentMoola, one of North America’s leading fintech companies that is changing the landscape of paying rent all over the world. Solving […]

  • Peter Zell

    Occupation: Machinist, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur   Bio: Peter is an entrepreneur whose path into the Renewable Energy Sector has been far from conventional, but ever so interesting. […]

  • Dan Adelman

    Occupation: Sustainable Farmer   Bio: At Blue Roots Farm, CEO & Co-Founder Dan Adelman, is doing his absolute best to address today’s challenging global issues. A large […]

  • Kaleim and Rezwan Manji

    Occupation: Dental Technology & Education, Investing   Bio: Kaleim and Rezwan have been working together for the last 15-years in multiple companies. Kaleim holds an MBA from […]